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Verslag en achtergrond informatie n.a.v. David Wilcock interview in Jimmy Church radio show Fade to black.

In the following video (below the comments), Jimmy Church interviews David Wilcock, who talks about what to expect in 2019 and beyond. 33

Wilcock stated, “We are seeing the systematic arrests and defeat of the deep state (DS). I expect that’s going to become a very, very big issue in 2019. ”

Military tribunals have already begun

“We are hearing from multiple sources that these deep state tribunals have begun, as of January 1st (2019). There are multiple locations, many of which are military bases in which top level deep state people have already been brought in. They’ve already been tried and a lot of these tribunals in the first phase have already ended.”

People being “Offed”

Church asked, “Who got taken in? Is there somebody missing from the population? If these are high level people, are these people we should know?”

Wilcock: “In the case of (John) McCain and (George HW) Bush Sr., they were written off as if these were natural deaths, when, in fact, they were executed, and that’s part of the intel that we have. They were given a plea bargain deal, basically for the good of the country.”

Wilcock goes on saying how McCain was involved in arming ISIS.

Mass Arrests and Sealed Indictments

Church brought the anticipated mass arrests of at least 40,000 people.

Wilcock: “Any one sealed indictment, by law, can have up to 93 defendants, so it could be a lot more than 50,000 people we’re talking about.”

Wilcock mentions how David Zublick has been releasing videos about the Deep State takedown that have been mostly accurate.

“David Zublick recently did a video, talking about how the tribunals have begun. We can’t confirm everything that he’s said in that video as being accurate but it’s at least overwhelingly, predominantly accurate.”

“Part of his intel that he disclosed was that they (The Alliance) intend to keep these tribunals secret for one to two years. And that, for me, is way too long. It’s infuriating. Yes, it’s great if they’re filing it all and it’s great if we’re going to get to see those videos later on, but then, there’s a lot of other intel that you don’t see in the David Zublick video that has just come in. For example, January 28th, apparently, is when some main stream media people will be allowed in to some of these tribunals. Zublick was told nobody is going to be allowed in. What we’re hearing is different. Some people will be allowed in. They’ll be sworn to secrecy. It’s not going to come out right away. But here’s the thing: There are going to be a lot of data dumps. There is going to be a whole bunch of information released and this will include big arrests that will not be for the most disturbing crimes that the Alliance feels would unravel our society, but they will be for very unpleasant things, nonetheless… treason, high level crime, organized international crime type of stuff.”

“The Alliance is expected, that there are going to be leaks. It’s impossible to do this much stuff in multiple locations (Guantanamo, South Carolina, all these different military bases)… you can’t have everybody stay quiet. And they’re also worried about the DS doing leaks of it to try to derail the process.”

Possible Emergency State – 2 weeks worth of food

“What we’re seeing right now with this government shutdown may actually parlay into some sort of emergency state. So this briefing that just came in did say, “You gotta go get your two weeks of food, like, right now”. And I actually did it today. I’m not kidding.”

Secret Space Force and Classified Technology

“The space force stuff will be disclosed. We are going to see some classified technology get declassified this year.”

Future flight to be canceled?

“If they don’t resolve this government shutdown pretty soon, you could have people get stuck without air travel because a lot of TSA employees are now refusing to go to work, or threatening to refuse to go to work because they’re not getting paid. If TSA stops working then they’re probably going to stop air travel.”

Paradise City, CA Extraterrestrials

Wilcock mentioned that, according to his intel, Paradise City, CA is where “authorized human-looking extraterrestrial immigration was permitted.” He further elaborates in the video below:

Global Seismic Wave on 11/11

A global seismic wave was detected on November 11, 2018 and it had some strange key signatures. Notably, the intervals were 17 seconds apart. Anyone associated with the Qanon movement knows the 17th letter in the alphabet is Q, so many references were made in that regard.

Closest easily available BRB seismic station is GE SBV in north Madagascar.
— Anthony Lomax 🌍🇪🇺 (@ALomaxNet) November 11, 2018

This is the recording of the ~09:30 UTC Southern Indian Ocean event from Kilima Mbogo, Kenya. The signal has had a highpass filter applied to it at 0.01 Hz, 0.05 Hz, 0.1 Hz & 0.2 Hz respectively. As can be seen the signal is very low frequency @stevenjgibbons @ALomaxNet
— Jamie Gurney (@UKEQ_Bulletin) November 11, 2018

Wilcock called it a “Q Earthquake” and said it “caused an incredible amount of damage to DS underground bases. They were really, really surprised at the scope of destruction that this caused. A lot of this stuff was instrumental to the DS’s power.

Ascension prophecies

“If you look at the top 35 spiritual, religious traditions in the world… every significant ancient culture on Earth was given prophecies about some kind of remarkable event that would take place on Earth , tantamount to a dimensional shift, and it appears to involve a massive release of energy from the Sun. I’ve been calling it the Solar Flash. Now there’s a new crop of researchers, they’re calling it a ‘micronova’, it’s basically the same thing.”

“These ancient prophecies do tell us that there is some kind of ascension event. There is some kind of metamorphosis that if you have done your homework and have followed all of these ancient teachings that these world spiritual traditions tell us to do, which is essentially service to others, being a kind person, being thoughtful, patient, generous, forgiving, loving… then if you have reached a certain minimum grade (level of vibration) of that, just a little bit over 50% service to others rather than service to self, which is selfish, negative, controlling, manipulative, and evil, if you’re just slightly over 50%, then you get to have this angelic transformation when this thing happens. The wickedest people, apparently, get to experience this in physical form as this tsunami or earthquake or volcano going off, so it’s like a bifurcation of reality where certain people are on this destructive timeline and certain people are on an ascension timeline.”