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Update van mij naar Dan (The Iconoclast):

Hi Dan,

Remember what I wrote about Q hyping certain dates? Of course D5 was another one.

On Dec 3, James Comey was due to testify behind closed doors. He tried like hell to weasle his way out of this, but a judge shot down his attempts to dodge the testimony. Comey claimed to want “transparancy” by being allowed to testify in public, knowing full well that this would only allow members of Congress 5 minutes to question him, allowing Dems to continously interrupt their Republican counterparts and allowing Comey to take the 5th due to information being classified. The Republicans checkmated him, however, by striking a deal that entails Comey to testify behind closed doors anyway, allowing Congress members to ask the tough questions with no time limit, after which the transcript will be released to the public, minus the declassified bits.

On Dec 4, Loretta Lynch was due to testify. John Huber was due on the 5th (D5). All of these testimonies have now been postponed, causing Q to post:

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DS stands for Deep State. Although those who were psyched up about the D5 not happening in the way they expected may be disappointed, they did have to sacrifice one of their own to buy time. To me that spells major PANIC!

The death of George H.W. Bush also begs the question: was he McCained? Remember how Q predicted No Name’s death to the day and actually to the minute and even second? Remember also how No Name died on National Dog Day? Every dog has its day, Q posted long before that. No Name was tried in a secret military court and executed in order for him to go out with his reputation intact. Was a similar option offered to Daddy Bush or did the Deep State take him out and even keep him on ice for a while? The reason why I’m thinking that is this really suspicious tweet by James Comey:

Comey tweeted this on Nov. 14! Bush’s was officially pronounced dead on Nov. 30 and made public on Dec. 1. Well, guess what? Nov. 30 was Dog Day Friday and Dec. 1 was December Dog Day! My guess is Bush took a cyanide pill and they did keep him on ice to time the funeral to take place on D5. I’ll leave you with this meme:

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