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Als je het dan niet van een man aanneemt…

A woman in her thirties who sleeps around and obviously lacks stability is not empowered, she’s broken. How long will it take for liberals to wake up and realize that their very values put civilized society at risk of extinction, that their nihilistic proclivities are being advertised to gullible human beings who will be the ones affected the most by this drastic change in social construct? Yes, you’ve guessed it. The truth is they don’t care.

It is startling that people with no values can advertise themselves as the righteous, enlightened ones in this debate. If they get their way, we will be faced with social scourges of epic proportions to say the least, and society will be doomed as our norms will favour the idiots instead of the truly qualified men, prompting widespread intellectual decline.

As a young 22-year-old woman, I stand in solidarity with all the men in the world who are vilified beyond description, for the simple crime of daring to exist in a world that’s being slowly overtaken by over-zealous, entitled, unqualified women.