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Vrouwen hebben geen moraal, ze zijn de gevallenen en liegen overal over. En dit is de reden waarom:

The key to understanding this is to realize that all women today are the daughters of slaves; slaves both in the physical sense and mental sense. Until a hundred years ago, women were chattel and were passed from father to husband at a public ceremony called a wedding. All the aggressive, self-aware, moral women were long since gone; killed in disputes with their partners or the enemies of their family and tribe. The rest greeted their conquerors as heroes, threw flowers at them and opened their legs.

As slaves, women developed a kind of prisoner mentality: no snitching with the guards, secret codes, networking, compartmentalization of thought. This went on for generations, decades, millennia, until we arrive at today where these patterns of thought and actions are genetic as well as cultural. Women live in a world of compartments. They have one for their partner, a second for their female friends, a third for a lover, and a fourth for their imagination. Actually, they can expand that number easily to create a separate box for every one of their relationships.

They way they manage to live with themselves, questioned above, is to believe that nothing that happens in one compartment impacts anything in any other compartment. So, since an affair is in a separate box from a marriage, there’s no moral problem involved. What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him is what they believe. If an infidelity were to occur in the husband box, let’s say with a mutual friend, well then there would be a crisis, but not of morality, but rather practicality. Her first reaction would be anger at whoever called her out, and secondly, ‘Where do I live now?’