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Nieuwe update van mij naar Dan (The Iconoclast):

We are counting down to the full declass of the FISA warrant, as well as the IG Report. Personally, I think the FISA warrant will be disclosed in the coming week. The interesting thing about the FISA warrant is that it ties multiple parties together, including the UK government as well as the MSM, who are complicit in this betrayal of the American people. The truth is about to drop and these people literally don’t know what to do! The media have now launched an all-out attack on Devin Nunes, all of which is to no avail since a growing number of people no longer mainstream news media.

We are also seeing another interesting development. Since the MSM has now been successfully discredited the next in line to be exposed are the major alternative news channels, most notably Alex Jones’ Infowars. As you may or may not know, Infowars was deplatformed from all social media earlier this week (interestingly, this happened on 8/6 – get it, 86’ed?). Let me be perfectly clear, AJ has as much right to air his opinions as you and I do – this is about free speech, which is absolute. However, I smell a rat. This comes in quite handy for both the establishment media and what Q dubs their ‘covert alt media affliates’:

– AJ’s attempts to “debunk” QAnom have failed miserably and have only hurt him, as more and more people (including myself) who once followed Infowars no longer consider this a reliable or noteworthy source of information. By being banned, AJ has successfully drawn attention to his website and other eisting media outlets.
– Following the banning of Infowars, alt media devotees have succesfully been distracted away from QAnon, while AJ performs his duties as a gatekeeper of information, such as continuously stating that China has infiltrated U.S.government circles, while failing to mention very powerful zionist influences (even though jews only make up 2% of the American population).

Meanwhile, some very vocal individuals associated with Infowars are using ridicule, false logic and other dishonest techniques to try and discredit QAnon, among whom Jack Posobiec and Lee Stranahan. In the MSM, liberal comedian Bill Maher is now taking shots at QAnon. And all of this for a LARP? And guess what they’re putting out about the person who was arrested for starting one or more of the California forest fires? He was a Q follower, just like that guy who blocked traffic to a bridge some time ago! The message is clear: Q is dangerous and so are Q followers. There’s a very real chance they may try to pull off something some sinister to pin on Q, so we need to be vigilant!

But there’s more. The Q archive website was down for a brief period of time but is now back up and forwards to Q’s trip codes were also hacked and what diehard anons called a “concernfag” then posted a message to the newcomers, basically stating that the country is in dire enough straits as it is, without that “dangerous” (here comes that word again) Q phenomenon misleading well-meaning patriots. Were not falling for it. Again, all of this for a LARP? It gets better, though. This dude published Q’s tripcodes and looking at them it’s a miracle the hack hadn’t happened sooner, that’s how easy to guess the passwords were! Q then changed his trip and wrote “fishing is fun’. In other words, they fell right into a trap set up for them and now their identity and location are known!

Then there’s the Assange connection. I’m sure you’re now aware of the fact that not only has Assange been requested to leave the Ecuadorian embassy in London, but the American Senate has also requested him to testify before Congress. Once again, will we see Assange actually leaving the embassy very soon or will it just be an item in the news? If we don’t see footage of Assange there’s a very real chance he’s already in the U.S. and that this news item is just optics to justify Assange’s presence in the U.S. It’s also a perfect way for Assange to escape arrest in the UK and hopefully be pardoned by Trump. And once again Q writes ‘we have the source’. Is he referring to Assange? If so, they already have him and he was extracted from the embassy weeks or even months ago!

It’s promising to be an interesting week ahead, Dan!