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Is Salvini ook bereid om:

– abortus te verbieden
– scheidingen te bemoeilijken door het huwelijk onder te brengen onder contractrecht
– uitkeringen voor alleenstaande moeders te verbieden

Zo niet, dan krijg je die vrouwen niet aan het baren. Het probleem zit hem bij de VROUWEN. Laatst nog schreef ik dit aan Dan (The Iconoclast), in antwoord op een video van hem over Spanje en het dalende geboortecijfer aldaar:

In your latest vid about Spain you mention a possible remedy against Spain’s declining birthrate: government incentives for young families. However, you and so many other conservative commentators fail to hit the mark when it comes to this subject. The problem is the women. Ask yourself why birthrates are declining across the entire western world, it’s not just Spain.

A very enlightening video about the real trouble Spain is in is this one:

So here’s the real remedy:

– Outlaw family courts and no-fault divorce and put marriage under contract law, where it belongs
– Outlaw abortion
– Bring down the welfare state

This will suck the life blood out of all feminist bullshit policies which allow western women to be the petulant whiners they are today and become breeders who depend on their husbands once again. There, problem solved!

We must, I repeat, MUST get rid of chivalry towards women. That doesn’t mean we should treat them as second-class citizens, but they need to know their place, which is subservient to men. After all, even if they have all the choices and all the power they STILL choose to leech off men, so that should tell you something about their true place in the human hierarchy.