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Ik vind dit een erg sterke observatie van Neon Revolt:

Many have wondered why Trump doesn’t just send out the military, start arresting these evildoers, and executing them where they stand. One of the Cabal’s explicit goals was always to destroy the nation and create chaos. If Trump became a sort of military dictator and just went on a unilateral purge, it would create chaos, which would cause destruction, and inadvertently end up accomplishing one of the Cabal’s goals for them, even as they were being executed.

So what Trump has to do is launch a total narrative reversal on them; systematically expose the evil as they attempt to lie, confuse, and slander, and get a critical mass of people on-board with his plan to #MAGA. There’s literally no other way to make this happen.

This movement is about THE PEOPLE, and carrying out the will of THE PEOPLE.

We still have a lot of good people in America; they just need the better information, so they can make better decisions, and have better opinions.

Which is why we’re here.