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Abandoned Camp in Tucson AZ discovered by Vets On Patrol, a complete overview with photos and links –

Liz Roslan Facebook Post on #TucsonGate –

Liz Roslan is with Laura Chapman Rosario and Nick Reeder.
June 9 at 8:31pm ·

#tucsongate & #suicideweek

How was Kate Spade connected to Cemex, no name and the Clinton foundation?
[No Ceilings Initiative/Haiti Initiative]
What did she know?
Why would Kate leave a suicide note for her young teen daughter saying, “This isn’t your fault. Ask your father.”
How high is a door knob?
Did Kate Spade have help with her red scarf incident?
Was Kate suicided for speaking out about the cabal?
Was Kate making [special] accessories for the cabal?

Why did Andy Spade wear one red shoelace and a red belt after Kate’s death?
Why was Andy wearing a mask [with red scarf/turtleneck] from a movie about abducted children on his first day out after Kate’s alleged suicide?
Did someone smell a rat?
Was he ordered to wear it to send a coded message [open signaling]?
Was it an elaborate Masonic humiliation ritual?
Why do Spade and Podesta share similar [taste] in art?
Why do Andy spade, his girlfriend and their mutual friends have creepy pics of children, red shoes, red balloons and Illuminati symbolism on their Instagram page?
When should we call a spade a spade? …. If the [red] shoe fits?

What did Anthony Bourdain know???
Did Anthony Bourdain expose Harvey Weinstein after his girlfriend (Asia Argento) accused Weinstein of sexual assault?
Did Weinstein hire Isreal’s Mossad to stifle investigations?
Why are Bourdains tweets a piece to the puzzle?
Was this a threat to keep Asia quiet.
Why did Asia post on Instagram on the day of his death, “F— everyone. You know who you are.”
Why are these celebrities Instagram accounts filled with questionable images & occult symbolism?
(Brain extractors, blood soup)
Was Obama and Bourdain speaking in pedo code when they met in Vietnam?
Does Bourdains animal torture, food choices and quotes give you the impression he is unattached and lacks empathy?
Was Bordains a pedovore & a master spirit cooker but is now turning the tables, speaking out about those involved with scandals involving the Clinton’s and those in Hollywood?

What do Chester Bennington, Chris Cornell, Robin Williams, Avicii, Alexander McQueen, Aaoron Schwartz, Michael Hutchence, L’Wren Scott, Dutch Queen’s sister and Kate Spade all have in common?
Who’s assets are being frozen?
How does the death of Alan O’Neill, Inés Zorreguieta, Stephen Pitt, Tareq Kamleh, john Lermayer, Charles Williams, Ben Krapinski and wife all play a part in this?
Which industries are fronts for trafficking, prostitution & child slave labor?
[fashion, food, film]

Who predicted #Tucsongate in 2017?
Is Cemex the keystone?
Why does the Canamex, (proposed NAFTA superhighway) run straight through Tucson AZ?
How big is their entire operation?
Who are the wives involved?
Does Carlos slims (owner of cemex and also 2nd largest stockholder of the NY times) wife run an [unwilling] organ donation center?
Who is Emiliano Salinas and what is his connection NXIVM?
What does BASF do other than makes chemicals for cemex?
How are they connected to Lockheed Martin?
NXIVM= Hum. ?Traf.=Bronfman/Rothschild operation?
Who are the d’ADESKYS, how are they connected?
What industry do they own & what exactly are they shipping?
How is cemex linked to Bush oil co?
Why do the communities near the child trafficking site (hotels, casino, schools) use FBI known pedo symbols in their logos?
Why does the media remain silent about the AZ child trafficking site?
Do homeless people live out in the desert with no food or water nearby, in tiny bunkers with rounded out sides so they can not climb out?
Why was the site immediately bulldozed?
What happened to the CEMEX FIU bridge?
Why was Cemex selected to build the wall?
Why did Cemex say they didn’t want any involvement in building the wall?
Why has Cemex been under US DOJ investigation since March14th?
Did military already raid the site?
Were Veterans purposely led there?
Why are illegal immigrants (women and children) at such high risk (80%) of being sexually assaulted & trafficked? Can they be traced?
Will Mexico’s assets get seized and will they end up paying to build the wall?

More questions…
How does this tie in with Project pelican?
What was said about Cemex in emails from john Podesta and the Pope?
What do we really know about Disney?
Did Trump and Pence signal each other to have their water bottles tested for tampering or was that a code for something else? Maybe no plea deal [taken off the table] for Debbie Wasserman Schultz?
What topics are going to be discussed at the 2018 Bilderberg meeting [post-truth world] and who will not be attending? Why?
How is the Vatican and their telescope [LUCIFER] in AZ desert connected?
Why is there a US patent since 1980 for use of blood in cement?
What is a foundation sacrifice?
How far back does the use of blood sacrifices in buildings go?
[Baal & Phoenician] [Walls of Jericho]
What changes human DNA?
Are there satanic rituals in everything & are we unknowingly participating in their rituals? (Buildings made out of sacrificed blood, aborted fetal cells & human DNA in vaccines, senomyx, aborted fetal kidney cells, HEK 293)
What will the elite do when they run out of #Adrenochrome ?
What will they do when no one is left to make #RedShoes ?

Does the rabbit hole go as deep as an underground tunnel that leads to a drug, weapon & child/human trafficking highway?
Is GITMO being renovated?
Why are there hundreds of sealed indictments in just Washington alone?
Will more “suicides” occur as the indictments are being unsealed?
Why have so many involved stepped down?
Why has attorney general Sessions announce 311 new assistant US attorney positions?
Is Assange working with Trump and military intel to take down the globalist cabal?
If so, what comes next?
Since the Inspector General Report has moved to 6/14, is Monday still the big day?
What is NASA planning to announce?
What is majestic 12?

Don’t fall for it!
Stay strong.
We are many.

Yours truly,

Here are some links on some of the topics I covered. I may add more upon request.

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