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why is the Netherlands setting off my radar?.. well.. there’s this..

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima of the Netherlands are “persons of interest” in the Pedogate Investigations..guess what they do with @NatRothschild1 and @LdeRothschild when they get together socially.. #Cabal #Pedogate #Netherlands #BIS #Luciferians #MassArrests #Tribunals

Q indicated that there would be suicides taking place prior to the world finding out the truth about the Illuminati’s practice of child sacrifice and other crimes.. so we need to keep that in mind with what’s happening right now #QAnon

we then found out the sister of Queen Maxima of the NETHERLANDS, Inés Zorreguieta, commited suicide at the age of 33.. a VERY important number in Masonic Occultism.. even though she was Argentinian.. her sister married Crown Prince Willem-Alexander.. 100% a member of the Cabal

as soon as i saw Anthony Bourdain commited suicide i knew this could be connected to Kate Spade and possibly Queen Maxima’s sister.. all connecting to the Luciferians and Pedogate