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Isnt Tommy just a tool for Zionist agenda?
It might be. See Bill Smith’s post and video. Although he is has an ignorant black and white in his definition of jewish. It does seem that the agenda of the big players (fake jews) of the Cabal/Deepstate setting people up against each other to create chaos and war for their profits and depopulation plan. In this case the group of intolerant criminal migrants vs the group extreme right people.

It seems to have the same signature of a false flag: real deaths in the false flag event vs real criminal actions of migrants while there’s a bigger secret agenda behind it (distraction of other events vs creating chaos and war).

[o] (@occulturalism)
“Tommy Robinson, his whole purpose is to become an Alt-Media leader, so that people like us, who are looking for the truth, don’t look at Zionism. We don’t look at Israel. We look at Tommy Robinson and Tommy Robinson tells us to look at muslims.” -@Real_Bill_Smith #qanon

Bill Smith
q-anon – The CHAIR Serves the MASTER (Baruch the Scribe)