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want to know how EVIL Harvey is?..his MO when raping women was wearing a bathrobe..he raped Asia wearing a bathrobe..he had Anthony hung with the belt of the hotels BATHROBE..Harvey was leaving his signature on Anthony’s murder..making sure Asia knew it was him.. #HarveyWeinstein

need to correct this post.. Asia did not post this 3 hours before his death.. it was 3 hours before it was in the press.. Asia had ALREADY known he was dead.. she was sent a photo of Tony hanging hours BEFORE the photo was posted.. so it WAS a message..

.@entylawyer “blind item” connecting Inés Zorreguieta “suicide” to may be Argentina and her father Jorge Zorreguieta..THE VIDEOGRAPHER..did he have videos of the Elite with children?..did Inés find them when he died?..did she also find A LIST with their names? 🤔