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Mijn nieuwste update aan Dan (The Iconoclast):

Watch New York, it’s about to get real important. AG Eric Schneiderman has stepped down, following allegations of serious women abuse (he liked to not just slap women around but really beat them up and has tge nerve to defend this as ‘roleplay’). Mind you, Schneiderman was a champion of the #MeToo movement and loved to criticize others, such as Harvey Weinstein! But then you and I know that those purporting to do good are almost always the real evildoers with the most skeletons in their closet.

What’s more, Schneiderman previously blocked an investigation into the NXIVM sex cult, which has been terminated thanks to the Q team. This cult, which operated out of New York, had serious connections to Hollywood and some of these actresses, who were literally BRANDED as cattle and used as sex slaves and as recruiters for other women, are now singing like canaries and giving up names, among whom Smallville actress Alison Mack. NXIVM may even have been involved in the sex trafficking of children. The Q-team made sure Schneiderman’s dirty laundry got aired and with him out of the way we can look forward to the unsealing of indictments in the NXIVM case, as well as real convictions.

Not only that, there’s another New York case waiting to be unsealed: Anthony Weiner. Remember him? Wiener is the husband of…Huma Abedin, who is the top aide to…Hillary Clinton. Weiner made the headlines when it became known that he had been sexting with a teenage girl. More pedo stuff coming to light. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg: on Weiner’s laptop, which was seized by the NYPD, they found a folder named ‘Insurance Files’, which reportedly contains not just all sorts of documents and emails outlining corruption and treason but also a “pedovore” video of Hillary and Huma going at it with an underage girl. After Schneiderman had made sure there would be no prosecutions, the NYPD threatened to release the “insurance files” to the public, so they would demand legal action against these sickos. But then serious pressure was exerted upon the NYPD to refrain from any such measures. According to Q, two detectives who saw the video were actually killed, one of whom was honored by Trump earlier this week:

Now that Schneiderman is gone, nothing stands in the way of these “insurance files” being released either. Q refers to him as a ‘roadblock’ and now that this roadblock has been removed expect to see some real justice to be done. Remember also that Rudy Giulliani joined Trump’s legal team a few weeks ago. Rudy used to be Mayor of…NYC, where he singlehandedly cleaned up the crime-ridden city in the ’80’s by taking on the Mafia! Giulliani was also Mayor when 9/11 happened and likely he has some “insurance files” of his own re that event. Chances are he was powerless to stop it back then, let alone reveal the truth about it. Giulliani was also well-liked by the NYPD and he still enjoys excellent ties with them. This should all get very interesting very soon!

Q tells us to watch not only NY but CA (California) as well. I think they have plans for Gov. Jerry Brown aka Moonbeam. Moonbeam declared the border state of CA a Sanctuary State in the fall of 2017, so he is another roadblock that needs to be removed ASAP. Moonbeam is also responsible for the ridiculous “catch and release” law, which states that whomever sets foot on CA soil illegally must be arrested, registered and then released to go freely to any sanctuary city they want and disappear without proper ID. These border states must be dealt with (think also John McCain’s Arizona), as they are hubs for illegal trafficking of arms, drugs and even humans. Now you know the real reason why Trump wants to build that wall!

This information alone should tell you that Q is real, but to prove this once more to the nay-sayers they decided to put out yet more “coincidences” as of late, such as a firetruck with Q74 on it, as well as an American flag behind Trump as he greets the American POW’s returning to the U.S. from captivity in NK, which we can then put next to Q-posts 74 and 75. Q also posted a pic of part of a document with a very expensive presidential pen next to it. We now know that an order for the release of the contents of Weiner’s laptop has been unsealed and the part that we can make out from Q’s pic exactly matches this document! So much for fake Q followers like Jerome Corsi who, according to Q, needed to be outed. Try as they might, there’s no stopping this movement, which is fast picking up speed and traction!

But wait, there’s more. The powers-that-used-to-be are in a total panic over Trump pulling out of the Iran deal. And the EU is involved big time, which is why we’re now seeing these meetings between EU and Iranian officials. With American tax dollars no longer going to Iran (or Syria and NK, for that matter, what with slush funds to ISIS, White Helmets and other proxy armies completeley dried up) these paid mercenaries are threatening to expose corrupt government and business officials and are demanding hush money. All of the elite’s international operations are now in a complete shambles and in their desparation they’re now putting out the FAKE NEWS that NK wants to pull out of the June 12 denuclearization summit, as they very much would like to torpedo this move which is nothing short of NOBEL PRIZE material. Don’t disount the Deep State just yet, though, they may well pull off a serious false-flag event soon to throw a monkey wrench (or spanner, as you say in the UK) in the works. But I’m trusting the plan, because as Q says: We see all. We hear all.