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Update van vandaag naar Dan (The Iconoclast):

I don’t know whether you have started researching QAnon yourself, because if you did you may have stumbled upon a recent controversy involving Q and Alex Jones/Jerome Corsi. Corsi works for AJ and in recent weeks he has been extremely negative about Q as well as Trump. Then Q posted ‘be careful who you follow’ and Q-followers immediately connected that to Corsi, even though Q did not name names. In recent posts, however, Q has, in fact, posted links implicating Corsi and his boss, Alex Jones. Obviously, the Q-team has some dirt on these two and is making us aware of this. So how did AJ and Corsi respond? This is not the original Q, these are imposters using AI. The return of the “Russian bots”, only this time coming from the alt media!

Here’s my take on this: an estimated 20-30 million people worldwide are now following QAnon on a daily basis. This decentralized group is taking away from AJ’s massive global audience, making QAnon a real threat. Remember also that AJ has a HUGE ego and thanks to Q we now have a third layer of information (next to MSM and alt media) coming directly from military intel, so we no longer need AJ and Corsi with their “inside sources”. Q was absolutely correct in warning us about being careful who we follow! AJ red-pilled a lot of us back in the day, including yours truly, but he’s becoming less and less relevant by the day and the Q-phenomenon poses an existential threat to him and his organization, so AJ decided to strike back in this manner. Bad move, if you ask me.

As for other, more relevant revelations coming from Q, try this for size: treason is just the beginning of the scope of evil planned and perpetrated by Obama, Hillary and their ilk, they wanted to start a nuclear war! Why did Macron and Merkel visit the WH days before Trump pulled out of the Iran deal? To convince him to stay the course re the Iran deal. Why do you think that is? Because the EU (particularly France, Germany and the UK) stood to gain a lot of money from this deal in both kickbacks as well as business opportunities. But the story’s even bigger: the EU would not have been hit in a nuclear conflict! The idea was that the US and Russia would be engaged in nuclear war, plus whatever parties would decide to get involved as well (think China, Iran, NK and others), but the EU would not be a target. Thus, the NWO which would follow would be run out of Europe, once the US was destroyed. How sick is that? All of this will come out in the weeks and months ahead, you read it here first.